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Rebecca & Fiona

2 May

We really love the DJ-duo Rebecca & Fiona and their 90′s style. It brings back so much memories to see them in circle skirts, platform Buffalo shoes and we looove their hairstyles. They recently released a new album called “Beauty is Pain”. that we just can’t get enough of! Watch the music videos to two of their new singles below and go on a wardrobe-hunt for your treasures from the 90′s!





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4 Feb

He went to the final in the Swedish music competition: Melodifestivalen, and might be the one that will represent Sweden in the Eurovision song contest if he wins the whole thing.

Yes, it’s a boy, sometimes dressing up in Lolita outfits. He is only 17 years old and very famous already in Japan as a solo artist (Yohio) and a member of the band Seremedy. We are rooting for him in the contest and thinks it is really cool that a Japanese sensation possibly can take Europe by storm.

Get inspired by some of Yohio’s outfits:


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2 Jan

We love Miss Gagas bold style but this one is exceptionally cool.
Keep rocking it out Mother Monster!

Have you heard of ART POP? It’s Lady Gaga’s new album that will be interactive in the form of a new website/app with pop culture and music all mixed up in a wonderful artistic GAGA blend. Gotta love her for thinking new and keeping it fresh.

She got inspired from her little monsters artwork! And here’s some Art pop inspiration for you guys found on Tumblr:

Looking forward to see what she puts out there in 2013. Everyone’s waiting with excitement! Especially  her fans. Her little monsters ^^

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Best live music moments – Roskilde festival 2012

9 Jul

First Aid Kit – the Swedish folk/country music sisters almost moved us to tears. Their harmonies and beautiful voices were so impressing and beautiful.

Bon Iver – came to the festival with a whole orchestra. Skinny Love had everyone singing along and the atmosphere was outstanding. People were literally crying because they related to the music and it gave us shivers.

The Roots was the best live act during the Roskilde festival 2012 according to us. Their musicality was OUTSTANDING and we’ve never seen hip hop like this before. Awesomeness!!



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